Watched (on TV) the Canadian girls beat Team GB 2-0 at soccer last night. A surprising (to me, at any rate) result but quite exciting for us, the Canadian contingent in Greenwich. So, Canada is going to the semi-finals in Manchester on Monday. And so are we! (What a bonus; going to Old Trafford and not having to watch Manchester United!)

It was a bit convoluted, getting tickets today. I registered online as a Canadian resident and wasn’t allowed to buy tickets from the British/EU site. The Canadian reseller didn’t have tickets so I quickly changed residency and address, expecting my credit card to be rejected because of the new UK address but all was good and we got four tickets for Monday. We’ll be based in Sheffied for the next few days and Manchester isn’t far away.

Bev and I walked down to the Greenwich Olympic site to pick up the tickets. Nice Olympic buzz and energy, vibrant crowds, good fun.

Picked up a rental car today for the next three weeks. Got a Focus, just like the couple we have in Calgary, but newer, diesel and sporty!

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