We all went out a delicious Nepali meal this evening (Panas Gurkha, Lee High Road, London, highly recommended!) and Nicolas, Chris and I decided to walk the two-three miles home. On the way, we saw eight separate sightings of a fox (and one of a frog).

As I remember it, there were no foxes in London when I lived here about thirty-five years ago. But increasing pressures on fox habitat due to suburbanisation (or, perhaps, due to a reduction in the number of entitled upper-class twats who ride bravely around the countryside, blowing horns and sipping from hip flasks, whilst their packs of dogs do the work of ripping a couple of foxes to pieces) have resulted in many foxes making the city their home.

Apparently, the foxes migrated into densely populated London along railway tracks and are now well established. And, apart from running off with the occasional unattended small child, they do no harm and are a pleasant sight in very urban southern London.

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