hanging out in mirik

I had planned to spend one or two days in Mirik, but on the morning of the third I didn’t feel ready to leave. Not that there was anything special I wanted to do, just relax and enjoy the quietness of this small hill resort.

I’m not in Mirik proper, but in a place called Krishna Nagar on the southern edge of Mirik. There is a large man-made lake that I walked around on my first day but neither the walk nor the lake were particularly special.

My explorations on day two were more rewarding and I ended up at a nice and impressive monastery. It provided that rarest of Indian luxuries: somewhere peaceful to sit and relax. Clouds would sweep across an open area, quickly transforming a clear sight into something quite moody. A group of monks was playing, or practicing martial arts; I couldn’t tell how serious it was. Most of the monks were young boys so there must have been a school of some sort.

On my last day, after deciding to delay my departure, I walked out of town to investigate the uphill section I could see from the main street. It was short and brought me quickly into nice forest again. A side trail led to where, on a less cloudy day, the view would have been spectacular. From there I took a narrower trail that contoured around the hillside and brought me back to the road at a large (fullish size) football pitch cum cricket oval. A vigorous Sunday morning came of football was in progress, with the full complement of 22 players, some barefoot. The football involved a lot of getting the ball and booting it up into the air roughly in a goalward direction. I think the players were all monks.

The match ended shortly after I arrived and the pitch was prepared for cricket. The surface was pretty rough and irregular so the bounces were quite entertaining.

So three days and three short excursions. Plus some Barclay’s Premier League football in hi-def in the restaurant where I had my breakfast and evening meal. A pleasant three days.



  1. Been reading through your blog, and It’s nice to see how you’ve made your way through West Bengal. I’m cycling too right now, been cycling in Nepal, west through east, will be exiting Nepal and entering West Bengal in 2 days!
    Those are some fantastic photos you’ve posted of mirik and ghoom! Can’t wait to get on that road myself! Very inspiring. I’ll be doing the mirik, Darjeeling, ghoom, kurseong, siliguri route. But I’m not so keen on cycling all the way down towards Calcutta. It’s summertime now and from why I hear, places aren’t all that interesting. But I did see the photos of the old mosque, tht looked amazing! Could you point out the location for me please. Traveling south ward, is it before or after farakkha barrage?
    I just really want to go to the beaches south of Calcutta, and then continue cycling through Assam and the other eastern states.
    I’m still going through your other articles, so any advise and unique experience to be had in WB, please do let me know
    Cheers an happy travels!

    • Which mosque? There were so many :) If you can give me a link to the photo, I can let you know where it is. But probably before Farakkha Barrage.

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