In Chennai airport, waiting to board my flight to Bangkok. India’s over. Just like that: finish my ride, a quick few days at the beach (although not on the beach, except for a stroll or two), sell the bike, jump on a train that brings me effortlessly (and sleeplessly) overnight to Chennai (or Madras as I want to call it), a few hours in a hotel to catch up on rest and prepare me for tonight’s overnight flight to Bangkok (before tomorrow’s overnight bus journey to Laos…). The ending has all happened too quickly. I am not ready to leave, still have a hunger for India, for riding even. Well, if I’m strong enough to cycle at 60, why not at 65? Of course, at some stage that logic will break down. And my body, with it. But, hopefully, my innate immaturity will stand me in good stead.

Goodbye, India. For now.

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