prachuap khiri khan

(Happy birthday, Tache :)


Boiled entrails in herb soup for lunch!


Monks have their own special waiting area at the railway station in Bangkok.

I had planned to spend a week on Koh Phayam (Thailand’s last unspoiled island?) whilst waiting for my Indian visa to be processed. But my train was running late and I didn’t want to arrive in Chumphon at 2:00 am so I got off the train at Prachuap Khiri Khan. Where Bev and I had spent the New Year thirty years ago.

2013-05-02-0013 2013-05-02-0016 2013-05-02-0017 2013-05-02-0030I found a nice hotel (the SunBeach Guesthouse) across a quiet road from the sea and quickly settled into this very relaxed and quiet Thai town, deciding right away that I didn’t need to continue further south to Koh Phayam.


The view from ‘Monkey Mountain’ in 1983


… and the view in 2013

Prachuap is well-known for the quality of its seafood. And the best I had was at the ‘Sunflower’ restaurant on the seafront. There isn’t a big sign advertising the restaurant so you may have to ask directions! Fön was spending her vacation helping her mother who runs the restaurant; a delightful girl!


Mother and daughter

The monkeys up on ‘Monkey Mountain’ were still as territorial as they had been in 1983:

2013-05-02-0065-22013-05-02-0062 2013-05-02-0077But the views are as spectacular as ever…

2013-05-02-0049 2013-05-02-0054 2013-05-02-0055 2013-05-02-0059And, suddenly, a week has flown by and it is almost time to leave; I have a minibus up to Bangkok tomorrow morning. Hopefully, my Indian visa will be ready for my flight to Delhi on the day after.

2013-05-02-0083 2013-05-02-0084 2013-05-04-0113 2013-05-05-0129 2013-05-05-0142 2013-05-07-0156Yesterday, I hiked up a mountain on the Wing 5 air base that adjoins the town. I had hoped to see some of the langurs that live in the trees there but had no luck. The views from the top were worth the uphill climb in the midday heat, though. 2013-05-07-0159 2013-05-07-0160 2013-05-07-0163 2013-05-07-0164 2013-05-07-0172 This morning, I got up early(ish) and went back onto the Wing 5 air base to try my luck with the langurs again – with more success. These are very elegant, graceful and dignified animals, with beautiful orange babies. It was a lovely morning. I am going to miss Prachuap. I will be back!

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  1. Dave! Thanks for your wonderful posting and the amazing pictures, lovely! We hope to see you soon back in PKK! Olaf, Eed and Fön.

    • Olaf, Thanks for making me so welcome. I hope Fon has a very happy birthday and is not too upset to be returning to the north.

  2. Hello Dave,
    back on your page again, we talk about you and your amazing pictures, hoping you are well, best regards from Prachuap Khirikhan! Olaf-Eeed and Fon.

    • Hi Olaf and Fon,
      Sorry I’ve been so long in replying – it’s the middle of the college semester and everything is a little hectic. And we have snow now – something I managed to avoid altogether last year. It’s not too bad but I often think of you, enjoying a pleasant evening meal looking out over the bay. You have a very special place to live. I’ll be back, but not for a while unfortunately. Take care!

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