Rampur – Jeori

29th June 2014, Rampur (1016m) – Jeori (1385m) , Day 7 of riding

24.4 km, 8.1 kph, ascent 560m, total 314 km

A pleasant, casual day. The alternative, pushing on to the next place with accommodation, would have made for a long, long day with more climbing than my legs have in them. Yet.


Looking back towards Rampur. The main town is on this side of the river, hidden.

Rampur and nearby villages made for urban sprawl along the highway for six kilometres but then it became nicer with eucalyptus lining the road and the Sutlej river valley all the more impressive ahead. Traffic was light, maybe because it’s Sunday or maybe that’s just the way it is. The climbing was gentle, no doubt influenced by yesterday’s rest. It was overcast and cooler, a reasonable 35°C. Despite the easy pace and gentle grade, my legs could feel it. It’s going to take a while to get in shape, I fear. (Or maybe I’m two or three decades too late…)



road gang, sutlej river, rampur, jeori

No Sunday rest for the road gang, widening the road where a section has collapsed.


Sutlej river valley

Looking back down the Sutlej river valley the way I have ridden.

I stopped at the first eating place in Jeori for a cuppa and some rice and dal. I was told that the only accommodation in town (for foreigners) was the Government Rest House about a kilometre further on. At the town centre, I asked a policeman and he directed me back “just a hundred yards” to the Hotel Bushahr. He told me that the Gov’t Rest House was a steep climb away in Sarahan. It’s always good to verify information and the local police are generally very helpful.

jeori, himachal pradesh

Approaching Jeori

I had noticed this hotel earlier but the signage made no mention of rooms and, generally, in India, hotel refers to a restaurant unless it looks fancy. For a small town, the hotel is pretty pricey: Rs 1700 for a room with a fan. But it’s clean, has an LED TV (small), and a view up the valley. There is a narrow balcony with a wire screen above the railing. Whether this is to keep out humans or monkeys, or to prevent fatal falls, is not clear. Nonetheless, I have an impressive view from the bed where I am sitting now. And I’ll be able to watch the Netherlands play Mexico in the World Cup this evening. Not a bad day at all.