Hanging around Nako

I’ve been here for three days now and am feeling largely recovered from my exertions on the way up. I’ve spent the time sleeping, eating, reading, catching up on my blog, and wandering around taking pictures. It’s a nice place to while away a few days.

I’ll be back on the road tomorrow, on to Tabo. I may rest a day there; it depends what tomorrow does to me! Or, if I’m not too tired, I’ll head on to Kaza. I’m actually looking forward to the next riding so I must be recovered somewhat.

Here’s a look at Nako:



















  1. Hey… This is just awesome… The way you cycled around to such a high altitude!!!
    I would have never survived this ;-)
    I am planning a solo trip to Spiti from Shimla…
    Can you tell me till where you had an internet connection? And whether you got this connection in an internet cafe or on your laptop/phone?

    • Where are you starting? Manali? If so, there won’t be any Internet access between Manali and Kaza, and even Kaza is spotty because the power is off more than on. I didn’t have a BSNL sim card so I couldn’t check mobile access. After Kaza, you’ll be without access again until Reckong Peo. (I failed to get online for a whole day in Peo but the following morning it was fine.) Next time, I’ll try to get a BSNL card, not such a convenient task for a foreigner. How are you travelling? Bike, bus, share-taxi?

      • I am starting from Shimla (closer to Narkanda)…

        So my itinerary is:
        Day1: Delhi to Shimla
        Day 2: Shimla
        Day 3: Shimla to Sangla
        Day 4: Sangla to Kalpa
        Day5: Kalpa to Tabo

        I was thinking of travelling by bus… but couldn’t find any reliable information over the internet… I am not sure about the timings or the frequency so I guess I will take a taxi from Shimla.

        I know… getting a sim is tougher… :-( :-( But I am so glad you had internet… :-) [atleast]
        Is there BSNL connection everywhere? Then I will try getting a BSNL sim before I start. ;-)

        • Taxi will speed things up. A lot of it would be OK by bus (I certainly got passed by a few buses most days), all of it if you have time. Tabo is a nice place, and I would spend a full day there (rather than at Nako or Kaza) if you need/want a break. There is a daily bus over the Kunzum La to/from Kaza but I think it goes on the Keylong so you’ll need to change at Gramphu if you want to head back southwards. I don’t think places like Batal have mobile coverage of any sort, nor is there coverage between the villages, but it’s worth the effort to get a BSNL card since I’m presuming it’s pretty straightforward for you.
          Good luck and have fun.

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