That time again…

It’s that time again – summer vacation, time to travel, maybe get in shape after a year of sedentary work… This year, it’s a cycling trip to the north of Spain, along the route of the Camino del Norte (how far along remains to be seen :). This year, I have my wife for company. This year, it won’t be as remote or (probably) as spectacular as last year’s trip through Spiti and the Chenab Valley. So, there won’t be as much writing or as many photographs. But there will be some.


Bikes in bags for travel this time. Each weighs about 2 kg so we don’t want to carry them all summer. We plan to take them as far as Bilbao, then leave them at a hotel or in the bus station left-luggage until we return for our flight from Bilbao back to the UK, then on to Canada.

This photo is actually in Hendaye, France, but the bridge in the background leads across to Irun, Spain. This is where we start.


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