Of strictly limited interest, unless you're a doting grandparent on a distant continent. Pictures

  Gritstone Limestone Scotland

A trip with the University of London Graduate Mountaineering Club in 1969 Pictures

Alberta:    Lake Louise    Grassi   Spray Slabs
British Columbia: Begbie   Skaha

California: Joshua Tree 1987   1990   Bishop 2003  
Utah:   CastletonTower 


Alone on the Deccan Plateau

A solo bicycle trip in 1991

Bombay To Bijapur  On To Goa    The Beach     Down The Malabar Coast    Back North to Mysore    Further North (Back to Goa) 

Illustrated journal extracts:
Bombay to Bijapur  On To Goa  The Beach   
Other writing:   Arriving in Goa

A trip in 1990, with help from Indian Railways

Pictures: Goa  Kerala  Taj Mahal  Old Delhi  Jaipur   Udaipur  Simla

A bus, train and hitch-hiking trip along the old "Hippy Trail" from England to Nepal in 1973
Europe/Turkey  Afghanistan  

South to Koh Samui
Further South, to Krabi and Malaysia
Northern Hill Country


More pictures, that don't really belong anywhere else...


Rural Alberta 2002
Rocky Mountains 1980s

Vancouver Island Victoria, Tofino
Cathedral Grove
South Eastern BC 2003


Winter 2004/5


  1. JumpStart: Building a Jumpstart server to automate Solaris installations
  2. C++ Tutorial: An introduction to programming using C++. (This tutorial is no longer under development. Java rules! Watch for a Java tutorial.)
  3. Photoshop Tutorial: An introductory tutorial for students in my infotech class so they can tune photos for their web pages
  4. QuadGen: A C program that builds worksheets for factoring quadratic equations and creates pdf worksheets and solutions



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