a day on the water

Bev’s birthday! We had a great day, out on the water, enjoying the serenity and beauty of Halong Bay. A very special day.2013-04-13-0573Floating villages, comprised of houses floating on pontoons, surrounded by ‘cages’ containing fish of all shapes and sizes being raised: individual, family-owned and run fish farms.


2013-04-13-0579Bev, still looking pretty good at 29 ;)2013-04-13-0586 Pleasantly cool and somewhat overcast: Cat Ba is quite a relief from the weather we’ve had in Laos, Cambodia and the south of Vietnam. 2013-04-13-0615 2013-04-13-0636 2013-04-13-0638 2013-04-13-0649

Hair’s fine but he could use a shave.2013-04-13-0655 2013-04-13-0661 2013-04-13-0666 2013-04-13-0677Into kayaks for a paddle and an explore…

2013-04-13-0680 2013-04-13-0683 2013-04-13-0684 2013-04-13-0694

2013-04-13-0710 2013-04-13-0714 2013-04-13-0717 2013-04-13-0751

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