Chateaux Country, continued

Friday 28th July, La-Ville-aux-Dames, 73 km

Paved trails helped us put on some miles after our unusually (even for us) late start. Getting into and through Tours was well signed and surprisingly easy. Getting out of town was not quite so straightforward after I ignored a sign telling us to go west (in order to go east…). After a dead end or two, we crossed a busy road and managed to get back down to the proper trail. We camped in Les Acacias campground, arriving just in time to get dinner.


Saturday 29th July, Amboise, 22.1 km

An unplanned but fortuitous stop at a tourist office! We had planned on riding on but this is the town where Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last years and was on Bev’s ‘must-see’ list. It would have been a shame to have missed it. Or worse, have had to backtrack. The longish day yesterday brought it closer than Bev had realised. The tourist office booked the Hotel Blason for us so we spent the (hot) afternoon learning about Da Vinci. Crowded, but worthwhile.

I see a Fibonacci spiral


Sunday 30th July, Blois, 51.6 km

A steep start to the day, back up and past La Close Lucé where we had spent yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t any easier with panniers. A good day. Like all of them.

We stopped for a while at Église Candé-sur-Beauvron, then rode through Blois to a camping site a little to the east of the town.

Monday 31st July, Orleans, 66.1 km

Bev is feeling some knee pain, in her right knee. The day was very flat, which helped her. Saint Dyé, with its lovely church, is very pretty. In Orleans, we found a bank and restocked on cash, then on groceries. Had a surprisingly good fastfood dinner: kebab paneer. The small campground in Orleans was full by the time we arrived so we found a nearby cheapo hotel.


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