In the fall of 1991, I bought a new mountain bike, put it in a box, and flew to India. Starting in Bombay (Mumbai), I rode 4000 kilometres through noisy, bustling Indian towns, small villages with few amenities and the always awe-inspiring, surprisingly quiet and deserted, Indian countryside.
It was a fascinating, wonderful adventure.

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Leaving Bombay (Mumbai)

Starting off, from BombayThane ColonyThane Colony

Escape from BombayJai Hill Resort

Up to Matheran

Neral train stationUp to MatheranUp to MatheranNeral-Matheran Train
MatheranNeral-Matheran TrainNeral-Matheran Train
MatheranSunset Point, Matheran

Going South to Mahabaleshwar

Bombay to BijapurBombay to BijapurUp to Mahabaleshwar
Up to MahabaleshwarUp to MahabaleshwarMahabaleshwar

Down from Mahabaleshwar

Down to SataraDown to SataraDown to Satara

The Deccan Plateau

The Deccan PlateauThe Deccan PlateauBombay to Bijapur
The Deccan PlateauBombay to BijapurThe Deccan Plateau
Bombay to BijapurBombay to BijapurBombay to Bijapur
JathThe Deccan PlateauThe Deccan Plateau
Approaching BijapurApproaching Bijapur