The fish market at Honaver

Tuesday, 12th November, 1991. Honaver, Karnataka.

I finished riding early today; only 90 kms.
Tomorrow is a long climb up to Jogg Falls, and I want a full day for it!

It was a beautiful day today - smooth roads and stunning scenery.
The road followed a narrow coastal strip between the Indian Ocean
and the wooded hills and rice paddy fields inland. And, for once, the road was smooth!

But, because it was such a special day, I felt a little lonely and depressed;
I wish my special partner were here to share these special days with me.
If it had been a 'ho-hum' day, I would probably feel better. Crazy, eh?

On my exploration of town, I stopped to watch India beat South Africa at cricket, with a group of Indian men
clustered around a television set up outside a store.
The open friendliness of my new friends quickly cheered me up.