Kanniya Kumari

Monday 2nd December, 1991. Today - 141.5 kilometres. To date - 2895 kilometres.
Wow! I've made it - the southern tip of India!

I rolled into Kanniya Kumari at 5:30pm, half an hour before sunset.
Only there wasn't a sunset; the sun just disappeared disappointingly into a line of haze above the horizon.

Kanniya Kumari is a destination of choice for many Indians, and there was no shortage of souvenir stalls selling shells and trinkets. There was a fairground atmosphere, and the ambience was more pleasant than my Lonely Planet India guide had led me to believe.

I found a double room with attached bathroom at the Hotel Tamil Nadu for the price of $4.00, which didn't seem too bad for such a popular destination.
Then I wandered through town for a while, treated myself to a phone call to my wife back home in Canada, before enjoying a 'thali' dinner.

Then back to my hotel. Which had a bar!
I took a beer (a Hayward 5000, a little sweet but better than the ubiquitous Kingfisher) back to the porch outside my room and sat on the verandah staring out to where the sea was hidden by the darkness.

It was a very pleasant end to a fairly successful day.