Kovalem Beach, Tamil Nadu
Kovalem Beach Kovalem Beach Kovalem Beach
near Bangalore, Karnataka
It's in there, somewhere... ...told you!
Mysore, Karnataka

Despite the traffic, Mysore is a beautiful and quiet city Mysore Market Outside the market, Mysore
Being pampered


Halebid market Halebid market Halebid market The temple at Halebid

Up To Ooty


Down To Mettupalayam And Back Up To Ooty
On the road down from Ooty to MettupalayamDown to Mettupalayam Down to Mettupalayam
Mettupalayam Mettupalayam Mettupalayam
Back up to Ooty, by train!
The narrow gauge railway up to Ooty The narrow gauge railway up to Ooty
View from the train
The little train that could...