After Koh Samui, we continued south, crossing over to the west coast and the town of Krabi. After a day trip through spectacular scenery to visit an island featured in one of the early James Bond movies (still Sean Connery, I think, although I don't remember the name of the film - was it "The man with the golden gun"?) we spent a few days on the beautiful island of Phuket before taking the train further south into Malaysia.


A boat trip to "James Bond Island"


A Moslem village, completely built on the water


Away from it all - the peace of a (then) quiet beach on Phuket Island


In and around the town of Krabi



Malaysia - around Georgetown


Our visas were due to expire after two months in Thailand and - not willing yet to leave this beautiful country - we took the train south to Georgetown, Malaysia, to renew our visas for another couple of months.